The Belt Buckle

As you may, or may not know, the cowboy belt buckle has been popular amongst western types since around the 1920's when the movies started to show cowboys wearing a shiny belt buckle. Most cowboys before that time often wore suspenders or a type of belt that did not require a belt buckle.

Belt Buckle Styles

A big, shiny texas belt buckle is the traditional style to choose for cowboys, especially those who are rodeo cowboys. These buckles are often gold or silver plated, with the more expensive ones being solid gold.

The kind of art/wording that is snscribed onto the face plate of the buckle depends on whether the buckle was from a rodeo event or purchased from a specialty store. When you get a buckle from a rodeo the location, event and year are what is usually inscribed into the buckle. The common thing to do when you buy a new belt is to throw away the stock buckle that comes with the belt and find a quality one to replace it.

Belt Buckle Pictures