Cowboy Rodeo

The rodeo's today let the most skilled of cowboys show off their roping, riding, and many other talents to the whole world. Being a rodeo cowboy is a dangerous occupation where the strongest and smartest will take home the victory.

As we said in our Cowboy History page, the rodeo is one of the last places where a man can use the talents from the days of the million-acre ranges that took a army of talented cowboys to keep order.

Famous Pro Rodeo Cowboys

Some famous bull riders, my favorite event.

Jerry Shepherd
Born: December 17, 1982
Home: Levan, Utah
Joined Pro Rodeo: 2001
About: Jerry went to college at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. He was the Reserve Rook of the Year in bull riding in 2002.

Cody Hancock
Born: June 20, 1975
Home: Taylor, Arizona
Joined Pro Rodeo: 1998
About: A man that knows how to get things done. His career earnings are near $600,000 and are going up and up. In 2002 Hancock won the Pro Rodeo Tour Finale. In 2001 he won the Dixie National Rodeo.

Fred Boettcher
Born: November 27, 1975
Home: Tomah, Wisconsin
Joined Pro Rodeo: 1995
About: This guy has been around for a long time! In 1998 he won the bull riding title at the Old Fort Days Rodeo & the Great Lakes Circuit Finals Rodeo. He's made near a half a million bucks so far and raked in over a hundred grand last year. He seems to have a few more years in him.

Rodeo Quotes

I think the following quote puts into words what pretty much everyone thinks when they see a rodeo (maybe not).

"Rodeo embodies the frontier spirit as manifested through the aggressive and exploitative conquest of the West, and deals with...the reordering of nature according to the dictates of this ethos. It supports the value of subjugating nature, and reenacts the 'taming' process whereby the wild is brought under control" - Lawrence.

I'm not sure what all that means, but sounds good to me, Lawrence!