The Cowboy Hat

There's nothing more iconic from the old west then the cowboy hat. People see the hat as a sign of strength, hard working, and of course, good times. The cowboy hat has been around since the mid 1800's when a man by the name of John B. Stetson introduced the masterpiece. Check out our Stetson Cowboy Hat page for more information on the legend.

5 Uses for a Cowboy Hat

  1. Keep out the sun.
  2. Keep off the rain.
  3. Looks great on those beautiful cowgirls.
  4. Make the girls go crazy for you.
  5. Put it on your face to block out annoying rugrats and get some shuteye.

Cowboy Hat Etiquette

Taken from the webster's dictionary.

Tip your hat when the following happens, if you're a real cowboy.

  • When you are walking with your friend and he says hello to a woman that he knows, but you do not.
  • When a woman thanks you.
  • After getting directions from a stranger, for sure if the stranger is a woman.
  • When you excuse yourself to a woman.

Probably already know when to take off your hat, but just in case you forgot..

  • During the National Anthem.
  • When you go into a building.
  • When you are being introduced to someone, especially if it is a woman.
  • When you begin a conversation, not needed if you are just saying "Hello" as you pass them.
  • When attending a funeral.

Cowboy Hat Facts

  • A good cowboy hat used to cost $15 a hundred years ago, nowadays the same quality hat would be around $400+.
  • Southern and Northern cowboys had different hats. When Texans traveled north they found that their wide-brimmed hats didn't stick on their head with all the wind. The northern hats changed to be more narrow-brimmed and usually had a hatband of leather that was tightened to keep the hat in place.
  • The cowboy hat is a toned down version of the hats you see in Mexico. Cowboy hats don't have any flashy designs or shiny finishes, as cowboys got dirty and they didn't have much use for fancy designs.

Crazy Cowboy Hats

Here's a couple picks of the craziest cowboy hat pics on the net! If you have any other funny cowboy hat pictures send them to us!